DS9 Season 1, Ep10: “Move Along Home”

Attention Reader: This episode has been redone with more awesome here

This is one of the few episodes of DS9 that I really don’t like. I don’t hate it (that privilege is reserved for one very special episode we will get to later in the series, which we’ll probably reward with a long post just so we can hate on it), but I really don’t like it. It’s one of the series’ few uninspired misses, and it frustrates me – it’s like everybody involved phoned it in that week.

Basically, there are these people called the Wadi visiting from the Gamma Quadrant, and they have stupid outfits and love games. They’re also really good at winning them, to Quark’s displeasure, so he rigs the Space Craps table so they can’t win. They find out, and conscript him into playing one of their games, in which they shrink Jadzia, Bashir, Sisko, and Kira down to Alice-in-Wonderland size and place them into a lifelike maze environment where they have to solve scenarios they’re given based on Quark’s die rolls.

The Wadi keep using all this really threatening language, like, “oh no, you SACRIFICE a player,” and looking grim, and generally giving everyone the impression that the players are in the matrix. Then when they all appear to die, and wind up back in the bar and normal sized, the main Wadi guy goes, “Hahaha! It was just a game! Fun! Happy game times!”

I assume you can gather for yourselves how stupid this is – the clumsy building of pointless tension, the Encyclopedia Brown style puzzles they spend the whole damn episode solving, all leading up to two lines of dialogue that tell us it was completely pointless.

And that’s what you missed on: that episode we REALLY didn’t want to watch.


3 thoughts on “DS9 Season 1, Ep10: “Move Along Home”

  1. Oh, please tell me the episode you hate is the S5 ep where Molly runs into a cave and becomes Cavegirl Molly! I am so full of hate for that one.

    • While Cavegirl Molly was a little tiresome (perhaps we will find her more so when we rewatch it), the episode we really can’t stand is “Meridian,” which we like to call “Brigadoon in Space” because you can only get to the planet once every couple hundred years, if I recall correctly (not to be confused with the episode of NexGen where Dr. Crusher has a bunch of sex with a ghost, which is awfully Brigadoon-y because everyone is weirdly, agressively Scottish.).

      Thanks for the Cavegirl Molly moniker, though, that may see some use 😉

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