DS9 Season 1 Wrap-up

Well we’ve finished up season 1. I hope you enjoyed it. Before we move on to season 2, I’d like to remind everyone of a few still-open plot threads from season one.

1. Odo was originally found in the vicinity of the wormhole.
2. Bashir suspects that Garak was/is a spy for Cardassia.
3. Bajor currently does not have a Kai since Opaka stayed in the gamma quadrant.

Other than these, the stories of season one are more or less wrapped up. A lot of the things that happened may be brought back up, but they are at the very least resolved currently. So if you’ve just been skimming, these are the three plots that haven’t been resolved yet.

Overall, DS9 season one is mostly character introductions and alien racial backstory. I recommend watching/reading our posts for all of it, but if you MUST skip episodes, the mandatory minimum viewing for season one is Emissary, Duet and In the Hands of the Prophets. The first because it introduces quite a lot, the other two because they are very good. However as much as I like the series and as much as I love those 3 episodes, we really have not gotten to the truly good parts yet.

So with that, see you next week for season two.

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Tim is a 26 year old Sci-Fi geek who thinks Wrath of Khan is the best, Nemesis is the worst, Enterprise is kind of ok and despite what everyone else on the internet says, Insurrection is pretty fun to watch. Tim is one of the eponymous authors of meredithandtimwatchstartrek.wordpress.com

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