Deep Space Nine

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ran on television from 1993 – 1999. It was the third Star Trek series, preceded by the Original Series and Star Trek: the Next Generation. It was quite simply the best television show ever, with the possible exception of West Wing (we can’t quite choose, but DS9 has the edge because of WW’s physically painful fifth season).

DS9 took the Star Trek Space Western concept and adapted it to the classic frontier town – unmoving, but fixed on a dangerous new border with a colorful cast of rapscallions and wanted men moving through. It is without a doubt the most consistent, most epic, and most plot-arc-driven of the Treks. DS9 explores how the actions of swashbuckling captains and interstellar empires affect the individuals living and working near conflicts. Rather than the crew going out and acting on the galaxy, the galaxy comes to the station and acts on the crew. DS9 has no good guys or bad guys, just complicated people with complicated views. DS9 is the darkest and most realistic Star Trek, treading fearlessly into topics of religion and politics, eschewing the black and white idealism of the older Roddenberry-helmed shows and focusing on a single region and a single set of related conflicts. The theme of this series is Moral Relativism vs Moral Absolutism.

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    • Thanks for reading, and thanks for the suggestion, Erin! I feel your pain about the cussing – when I was a young teen, I used to try to read George Carlin out loud to my younger brother, and it was probably the toughest real-time editing I’ve ever done. 😉

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