DS9 Season 1, Ep18: “Dramatis Personae”

Synopsis: We open on Sisko in his office, reviewing some specs, when who should storm in pre-outraged for your convenience but Kira. This morning she woke up and found out that some Valerians (val-ARYANS) are planning to dock at the station. CAN YOU IMAGINE?

Apparently the Valerians were weapons suppliers to the Cardassians during the occupation, and Kira believes that the two races still have a friendly weapons-based relationship; therefore, by her holocaust-survivor-refusing-to-buy-a-Volkswagen logic, if the Cardassians attack Bajor again at some point in the future it will be all the Valerians’ fault. 

Sisko says that there’s nothing they can do about any of that without proof. Apparently there aren’t any reasonable search and seizure laws on Bajor, because Kira’s solution to “no proof” is to immediately request permission to search their ship for weapons-grade dolomite on the authority of a search warrant signed by her gut.

Sisko points out that dolomite is used for about a hundred things other than weapons, and, besides, you can’t just board someone’s ship and start going through all their shit just ’cause. Kira wants to know what they’re going to do about it, then, and Sisko says she needs to bring him evidence of weapons-grade dolomite and then the Federation will apply diplomatic pressure to the Valerians to make them stop running it. I’m not sure one should ever be so inexact with Kira as to say “bring me some evidence.” She seems like the type that might trump some up if it were important enough.

“But, if we don’t punch them…anything could happen!”

Kira seems suspicious of Sisko’s non-punching-approach, but agrees to try it his way. I think this is the first time in the series we see Sisko honestly talking Kira down, and Kira listening because she trusts him and respects his authority. It’s an important and well-handled moment, especially given the tone of the rest of the episode, as we’ll see. Kira reluctantly goes to let the Valerians know they’re cleared to dock. Continue reading