On the air from 1995-2001, Voyager is considered by many to be something of an original series reboot, allowing the series to once again cowboy about exploring aliens and planets no one had ever seen before by flinging the crew and ship 70,000 light years from home. This reboot theory is only made stronger by the fact that it starred Kate Mulgrew as Kathryn Janeway, the only female captain in Trek, who one might as well call Captain LadyKirk.

More than simply rehash the exploration aspects of TOS, Voyager explores the concepts behind Federation principles further than the others. Many episodes revolve around Janeway weighing the value of championing the ideals of a nation she may never see again. This is especially difficult as quite often following the prime directive reduces Voyager’s odds of ever returning home. The primary theme of this series is objectivism vs. idealism.

It has a weak first couple seasons, then eventually finds its stride and becomes quite good.

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